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Baby G BGA-310 Series
Baby G BGA-310 Series
G-Shock GA-B2100 Series
G-Shock GBD-200UU Series
G-Shock GBA-900UU Series
G-Shock GLX-5600RT
G-Shock GMA-S2200 Series
Edifice EQB-1100TMS
Edifice EQS-940 Series
General AE-1500WHX & W-737JX
General WS-1400H Series
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Upgrade the retro look you love with the octagonal GA-2100 line, which inherits the design concept of the very first G-SHOCK, but now with Smartphone Link and Tough Solar power.

Electronic Musical Instruments

Casio is proud to offer a variety of electronic musical instruments that promote well-being and healing, particularly in high-stress environments. There is no better time than now to start playing an instrument and taking the time to unwind with music.

Say Hello to the New Casiotone

Your life partner to make and discover music. Anytime, anywhere – simply start playing. Color your days with expressive sound. Find the Casiotone that’s right for you, and open up a world of musical possibilities.

Electronic Calculators

With extensive availability, a full range of sizes and styles, and a price range for just about any budget, there really shouldn't be any excuse for not owning a one.

School & Lab

Users who require scientific calculation for use in school, laboratories, or factories. Some models are equipped with financial and programming functions.


We created practical calculators that combine assistance in tackling work tasks and beautiful design to suit your office.

My Style

Colorful & Stylish calculator lineups to suit your lifestyle.

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