5600. A number with special meaning for G-SHOCK. It is used only in the names of models that have inherited the DNA of the very first G-SHOCK among all the thousands that have succeeded it. The square design that is said to symbolize the origin of all G-SHOCK provides evidence of the tireless efforts and continuous innovation born from a developer’s belief that he could create a watch that would not break, even if dropped, and represents the final form every G-SHOCK aims to achieve.

DW-5600 series

This square design, still loved by many people, continues to express G-SHOCK's identity without being influenced by the times or trends. The material used is urethane resin, which is both flexible and robust. This is the most basic model among G-SHOCK and is also recommended as a gift.

GM-5600 series

The metal-covered series of the square model is the origin of G-SHOCK. Pursuing quality as a watch, we are refining the evolution of the exterior and wearability. This series can be worn on any scene with the casualness of resin and the luxury of metal.


GMW-B5000 series

A full metal series born from "origin" and "evolution". G-SHOCK has been continuing to evolve. Pursuing essence and universality, the main model of G-SHOCK is faithfully reproduced with full metal by advanced technology.