The action game that continues even today to captivate fans

around the world comes to life with familiar colours and a whimsical design.


When Nintendo Co., Ltd. released the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS for the Nintendo© Family Computer™ in 1985, the game sparked a series that would captivate countless fans — children and adults alike — for 35 years and counting. The SUPER MARIO series of games has sold over 400 million copies worldwide, with Mario and the rest of its cast of colourful characters winning the hearts of fans not only in Japan, but all over the globe.

©1985 Nintendo.
“Family Computer” is a trademark of Nintendo Co, Ltd.


Mario gets back up after every defeat and tackles each adventure to the very end, without ever giving up. This spirit of challenge aligns perfectly with the G-SHOCK brand. The band features a multi-angle pattern print of everybody’s favourite plucky plumber.

Bezel and dial

The bezel and dial are finished in the key Mario colour red and the background blue of the game’s overworld stages, with gold accents that recall the coins Mario collects. A Koopa Troopa shell is glass printed at the bottom of the dial.

EL backlight

Activate the light and Mario appears on the LCD, scoring a 1UP. When combined with the Koopa Troopa shell on the dial, an iconic game move is always there to enjoy.

Special packaging

The packaging in vivid red features the game world in an all-over design. One of Mario’s signature phrases, “Here we go!,” is embellished in a pixelated font.

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