Casio Electronic Musical Instruments
Casio EMI Lineup Features

Casiotone CT-S1

Your Style, Your Keys

Casio CDP

Casio Digital Piano

High-Grade CT-X Series

The CT-X packs sensationally authentic, high-quality sound into a portable instrument.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid flagship model delivers premium performance.

Digital Piano
CELVIANO Grand Hybrid
Three Legendary Pianos in One
For those who demand an authentic high-grand piano experience
Powerful technology in a stylish design. Meet the future of the digital piano.
Discover Your Style from a compact Piano Designed for Everyone.
Digital Keyboard
Casiotone Keyboards
Make Music, Anytime, Anywhere.
High-Grade Keyboards
High-Grade Keyboard range delivers powerful sound with various functionality for wide variety of music styles
Standard Keyboards
Essential basic functions include a versatile collection of high-quality tones and rhythms
Key Lighting Keyboards
Powerful lesson features with Key Lighting System which make learning to play more fun
Mini Keyboards
Compact and portable, yet packed with a rich selection of tones and rhythms

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