From the moment you first touch the keys, you’ll find yourself doubting your ears. The CT-X packs sensationally authentic, high-quality sound into a portable instrument. Even keyboardists who have felt satisfied with earlier all-in-one models will be shocked out of complacency by its powerful performance.

Product Concept

The innovative AiX sound source is overturning expectations of what a digital keyboard can be.

For 2018, Casio is taking its experience in detailed sound creation from the development of the AiR sound source and developing the new AiX sound source for digital keyboards, a complete re-creation from scratch of the keyboard sound.
From a reworking of both the sound produced and the instrument’s exterior,the results will be a high-quality sound that overturns traditional expectations of what a digital keyboard can be.
The new sound source promises to offer all keyboardists the experience of a sensational performance.

Exceptional Sound & An Engineer's Voice

Exceptional Sound

Casio leverages some of its most advanced technologies in the CT-X series, creating an unprecedented playing experience for any keyboardist.

Never before has a portable keyboard sounded so good.



The CT-X’s distinctive styling puts a bold face on its incredible sound, and delivers an intuitive-yet-sophisticated playing experience through its easy controls.

Futuristic design

Overlapping crimson rings surround the speakers and ports.
These striking, forward-thinking accents add a powerful visual element to match the powerful sound.

  • * The mesh speaker grille is not actually removable.

Rugged design

The aggressive body styling comprises a bold, angular shape with multi-textured surfaces. This lends an impression of clarity and power, while ensuring that the CT-X can withstand rigorous play.

Cockpit design

Reminiscent of an airplane’s cockpit, the controls are grouped in tiled sections. Each control’s location feels natural, so you can focus on your playing.

Top Ten Features


Superior sound

New AiX Sound Source development


Casio’s commitment to authentic sound results in stunning pianos, vibrant strings, expressive drums, and so much more. It is the bestsounding instrument in its class, by far.

Enhanced sound impact

High-volume amplifier + high-performance bass reflex speakers


The 15W+15W high-output amplifier and newly-designed bass reflex speakers deliver monstrous power, indoors or out.

Wide-ranging acoustic effects

High-performance DSP & system effects


In addition to the highly polished instrument Tones, 100 DSP effects and algorithms are available. The huge variety includes amplifier models, reverbs, delays, choruses, vintage pedal effects, and much more.


Great-sounding Rhythms

Accompaniment for the modern age


The updated built-in Rhythms let you perform in a huge variety of musical genres, from old favorites to contemporary electronic music.

Phrase recording and playback

Always useful, always ready


Record musical phrases, drum patterns, sound effects, or other patterns that you can recall instantly while playing.

Favorite setting registration

Your signature sounds and settings at your fingertips


These buttons let you store up to 128 registrations, which let you instantly recall Tones, Rhythms, Delay, Chorus, EQ, and much more.

Compose & Arrange

Original song recording

17-track MIDI recorder


Record up to 10 original songs, with step recording and editing functions.

Multi-channel mixer

Mixer control of 42 parts


The multi-channel mixer with optimal mix-down capabilities lets you fine-tune your compositions and performances.


Flexible Tone and Rhythm editing

Dedicated user area for storing your creations


After customizing your CT-X, use the free data management software from Casio to exchange data between CT-X and a computer.

Connectivity for performing, composing & arranging

Perfect at home, on stage, or in the studio


Audio In/Out, sustain & assignable pedal jacks, and USB device port and USB host port are included.


CT-X Series




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