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Bring additional peace of mind to every purchase from Marco Dealer / Marketplace / Marco eStore, a hassle-free and convenient plan.

Make a Visit to Marco Service Center 

Simply drop by Marco Service Center, no appointment is needed.

Send in For Repair

Arrange to mail your product directly to Marco Service Center.

Contact Us

Talk to Marco Service Center Support Staff


Note: if your watch is G-Shock Premium model, kindly contact Marco at 03-27778211/12 to arrange a reverse pick up.  Terms and conditions applied.

Frequent Ask Questions

Item and Problem Description

  • In addition to their personal details, the customer is required to provide information about the product that they are sending in for service:
  • Type of Item (Watch, Calculator, Keyboard etc) – Dropdown
  • Model Name (if available)
  • Nature of problem (checkboxes), example:
    • Can the item be switched on?
    • Is the item physically damaged?
    • Was the item repaired or serviced before?

Who will collect the item?

  • The customer is required to indicate if he/she prefers the item to be couriered back to the address stated on the form OR will collect the item personally OR a 3rd party will do so.
  • The customer is required to specify the My Kad number of the 3rd

Mutiple Pictures of Item

  • Using the same mobile website, the customer has to take a picture or upload a picture of item that is sent for service. After this the customer submits all the information which is saved on the server.
  • The system will provide guidelines to the user on how best to take the picture.

Successful Submission

  • Upon a successful submission of an item by customer:
  • The system sends an email to the customer to acknowledge that Marco PSD has received the item.


Please Scan the QR to visit the service repair form submission or click the button below to open the form

Marco Service Center
No. 8 & 10, 2nd Floor, Jalan Segambut,
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Hotline: +603-2777 8211